Willowbend Celebrates National Night Out!

EVERY FIRST TUESDAY IN OCTOBER, Willowbend participates in National Night Out. This is a community-building event we hold every year. Its purpose is to promote police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie. Willowbend is constantly striving to protect its reputation as a safe, comfortable place in which to live, work, and play, and this special night is one of our most effective tools for doing that.


This is why everyone gets involved: People who know each other will watch out for each other. That’s why each year at National Night Out, Willowbend joins millions of folks across the country and does something pretty radical: we turn off the TV and come outside to visit our neighbors. Drive around the neighborhood and you are sure to see a party .

How do we celebrate? Some folks serve food. Some serve drinks. Some just set up chairs and camp out. A number of folks generously offer to host. Hosting’s not hard to do, and it’s lots of fun as well! For those who don’t host, they can just drop by, draw up a seat and visit. Our Security Patrol drops by some of the parties (as time allows) and will chat and answer questions. This is a good time to meet and greet the Patrol, and get some of your questions answered. Consider this your invitation to sign up in the Fall to be a party host for one of these gatherings. Watch your front door for your September Willowbend Newsletter, where you’ll find important details about how to participate!


Important Dates and Information

Heavy Trash Pickup

Occurs on third Wednesday of each month. Put trash out no earlier than the Saturday before. Plan major yard work and tree trimming to coincide, or make arrangements to store your heavy trash out of sight until trash day. There are two types of heavy trash: household junk (called junk waste) and compostable material, (called tree waste.) Junk waste is picked up on even months. Tree waste is picked up on odd months.

Trash and Bagged Clippings



Every other Thursday

Willowbend Civic Club Dues

Dues should be remitted by June 1 of each year. This is the beginning of the fiscal year. Dues may be paid in whole at that time or in part. 80% of your dues money is dedicated to providing our Security Patrol.

Willowbend Civic Club Meetings

Civic Club Board Meetings are held on the on third Tuesday of each Month.
General Meetings are also held and the residents are notified when the dates are set.

Parks and Pools

Willow Pool / private

10500 1/2 Cliffwood / 713.728.5153

Learn more at the Willow Pool website.

Willow Park

Waynesboro at Cliffwood

Willow Waterhole Greenspace Conservancy / public

S.Willow at Ricecrest / 713.723.2192

View Willow Waterhole's Annual Meeting Presentation

Learn more at the Willow Waterhole website.

Neighborhood Addresses and Telephone Numbers

Post Office

11805 Chimney Rock / 800-275-8777

Driver's License Office

12220 S. Gessner / 713.773.3334

Courthouse Annex

6425 Chimney Rock / 713.664.5701



Red Elementary (HISD - math and science magnet, TEA Exemplary school)

4520 Tonawanda / 713.726.3638

Kolter Elementary (HISD - language magnet)

9710 Runnymeade / 713.726.3630

Parker Elementary (HISD- music magnet)

10626 Atwell / 713.726.2122

Lovett Elementary (HISD - fine arts magnet)

8814 S. Rice / 713.295.5258

Herod Elementary (HISD - vanguard magnet)

5627 Jason / 713.778.3322

Trafton Academy (private preschool - 8th grade)

10500 Cliffwood Drive / 713.723.3732

Meyerland Middle School (HISD - perfoming arts magnet)

10410 Manhattan / 713.726.3616

Pin Oak Middle School (HISD)

4601 Glenmont, Bellaire / 713.295.6500

Pershing Middle School (HISD - fine arts magnet)

7000 Braes Blvd. / 713.295.5240

Westbury High School (HISD - essential schools magnet))

11911 Chimney Rock / 713.723.6015

Bellaire High School (HISD - language magnet)

5100 Maple / 713.295.3716