Where Your Dues Go

More than 80% of our dues money goes directly for our Security Patrol, which has been invaluable in creating a safe environment for all who live here. In addition to funding our Security Patrol, the dues money helps pay for Willowbend Boulevard maintenance and beautification, National Night Out support, the bimonthly Willowbend Newsletter, the Willowbend Neighborhood Directory, emergency and general information bulletins, and a tiny bit of office supplies. Last, our Vacation Watch Program is provided to all members whose full $125 dues are paid for the current fiscal year. Residents can request that our Security Patrol keep an extra eye out on their property when they will be away for a period of time. We issue a Vacation Watch form with each receipt we send out. In addition, we issue car stickers for residents’ autos, which help us know which cars belong to residents of Willowbend.


Willowbend Dues

All these things combine to provide the layers of support needed to keep Willowbend Subdivision the safe and pleasant environment that our residents enjoy.

Do note that we are not an HOA, nor do we intend to become one. That’s why residents are asked to pay dues in a reminder letter rather than via an invoice. We depend entirely on what our residents voluntarily contribute each year.

The dues are $125 per year. That’s a shade under 35 cents daily, which is less than a bottle of water. Willowbend makes that money go a really, really long way!


How to Pay Your Dues

Shown below are your options for paying your Willowbend Civic Club dues.

For those who choose to contribute, dues are payable June 1st of each year. Dues may be paid in whole at that time or in part. The PayPal button found to the right of the top navigation menu can be used to complete your dues payment. If paying via PayPal, add $5.00 service charge, for a total of $130. The PayPal address is willowbendcivicclub@gmail.com. If you would rather mail in a check, you can download and print the payment form. The Dues Payment Form is also available for download from the Community Information page.

Know Your Dues Payment Options

Willowbend CC PayPal


Use the PayPal button on the top navigation bar to pay your dues directly into the Willowbend account. The $130 payment includes a $5 service charge.

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Your PayPal Account


Sign on to your own PayPal account and enter willowbendcivicclub@gmail.com in the username field. The $130 payment includes a $5 service charge.

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Mail Your Payment


Download and print the Willowbend Civic Club Dues Payment Form. Mail your check to the address shown on the form.

Download Payment Form